Welcome to MuSkyNET

👉💥Season: 3 

👉💥Episode: 1 

👉💥Exp: 300


👉💥UpPoints per LvL :6/7 

👉💥Delete stats: No

👉💥Delete Inventory: No 

👉💥Delete Skill: No

👉💥Multy Window: Yes 

👉💥Reset LvL: 400 

👉💥Max Stat: 65000

👉💥Max LvL: 999  ( You have to buy it on credit! ) 


🔥Castle siege (Activated)

🔥Blood Castle

🔥Devil Square

🔥Chaos Castle

🔥Golden invasions

🔥Castle Deep

🔥Skeleton King

🔥Red Dragon

🔥White Wizard

🔥Event Vote for Credits for the webshop

🔥Events by HS online x credits for the web shop

🔥Lottery System

🔥Drop Events

🔥Goled Archer Collector

🔥Lottery in Game

🔥Quest System

🔥Questions and Answers






💥/addcmd (DL)

💥/reset (if you make the reset on the server You won't get Free credits!)






💥/evo  ( For all clas Evoluting)

💥/bau ( Open Vault In all Location) 



💥/readd  (reset stats)

💥/help (summon 3 soldiers)

Postessd 29 / 08 / 2020Bylenovo1q2

Currently this is only one server.